Mungrisdale Common, and Catbells

AW must be puzzled by people like me insisting on walking up all the fells which he included in his books.  To quote from his description of Mungrisdale Common:

"Most fells have at least one good aspect, but the Common, from whatever side it is seen, has no more pretension to elegance than a pudding that has been sat on.  ...(its) natural attractions are of a type that appeals only to sheep."  And "There is little point in providing diagrams of ascent that will never be used.....precious holiday hours should not be wasted here".  Which is even more disparaging than his comments on Thunacar Knott, and that's saying something!

But I said I would do it, and was lucky enough to have a sunny day as well, so here are the pictures.  I have added in some photos of a walk up Catbells in May, which I forgot to include at the time.  Now Catbells is definitely worth while - but unfortunately we chose a wet and windy day, so the magnificent views were nowhere to be seen.  For some better pictures, click here.

Click on any picture below for a larger version:

We started off from the Blencathra Centre - with this approach you can cheat by driving a fair distance upwards - and you also get better views, for example of Lonscale Fell on the left of the path.
It may be a bit of a squashed pudding to look at, but some climbing is involved, in this case via Roughten Gill.  Blencathra is on the right.

The pudding top.
In AW's day there was, reasonably enough, no cairn or anything else to mark the top of the Common, but someone has decided this is as good as anywhere else.  In the background is the summit ridge of Blencathra.  What a contrast!  I am saving Blencathra (the other side  of the ridge) for my last Wainwright, since it is my favourite fell - but I've never been on the Common before...

The view west from the Common towards Lonscale Fell.  The Cumbria Way passes along the valley from Keswick towards "Back o' Skiddaw" to the right
The Common from the bottom of Sinen Gill.

Well, it can't be that bad if you finish up with a view like this!  The North-western Fells beyond Derwentwater.  Latrigg is on the right.

Four months previously we had climbed Catbells with a group of friends from down south.  They probably were not too impressed with the weather that day (which is why we didn't attempt a high fell), but the Swinside Inn afterwards helped everyone to dry off.
It's still a beautiful little fell, though, isn't it?

Click here for some views in the sunshine.

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