Harter Fell

This is the southern Harter Fell, prominent to the south of Hardknott Pass.  The main problem was getting there, from Langdale over both the Wrynose and Hardknott passes, trailing behind a few cars which did not seem too keen to brave the climbs.  Howeve, in the end we managed to park at the top of Hardknott Pass and had a good four hours tackling not only Harter Fell but also Hard Knott and Green Crag.

Here are the pictures (click on any picture for a larger version):

The top of the pass.  My car is the parked one, with another red one hauling itself up from Eskdale.  Harter Fell is in the distance.
The top of Hard Knott - plus Sophie, of course.  We then had to drop back down to the pass, to tackle Harter Fell on the other side

Approaching Harter Fell.
The view back down north-east from the approach path.  The south and east of the fell are covered in forest, but here you can see beyond, to Cold Pike and Crinkle Crags.

From one of the tops, the view over the Scafell range,and higher Eskdale.
And down into the top of the Duddon valley.

Further round to the south, the view down the Duddon valley towards the Dunnerdale Fells and Morecambe Bay in the distance.
To the south-west, Green Crag, our next stop.   Devoke Water is behind.

Between Harter Fell, in the centre of the picture, and Green Crag is the flat and boggy Ulpha Fell.
On top of Green Crag, looking south to Devoke Water.  It was then a matter of returning over Ulpha Fell and finding a way through the forest - which was quite a battle, since the foresters had committed their usual sin of barring a main path "due to forest operations" when there was absolutely no sign of machinery or people in any direction.  So I ignored the sign, and thereby saved myself about two hours walking.

Back at the pass.  This cairn must have generated more sighs of relief from car-drivers than just about any other in England...

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