Lank Rigg

This was a tiny walk, to pick up a straggler Wainwright which we had not managed to include two days previously.  Lank Rigg is the second most western of the Wainwrights, south of Grike and west of Caw Fell, all of which are south of Ennerdale.  The terrain is one of rolling grasslands, not unlike Back o' Skiddaw but milder in outline.

Here are the pictures (click on any picture for a larger version):

We approached from the little road running due south from Ennerdale Bridge towards Calder Bridge, which climbs quite steeply up onto the edge of Kinniside Common, which we crossed to reach Lank Rigg, on the right in this picture.  The fell on the left is called, mysteriously, Whoap.
The shallow valley across the common is cut by the infant River Calder.  Sophie is down near the river's junction with a beck coming in from the left, called Stinking Gill - another mystifying name, since it seemed a pleasant enough little beck...

Sophie at the top of Lank Rigg.  In the background are some of the fells we climbed two days previously: Caw Fell on the right, with Haycock behind it
The view north from Lank Rigg towards Ennerdale: Whoap is just across the col.  The OS Explorer map, incidentally, is remarkably free of any footpath markings in this area; the path you can see is not marked, neither is the 3-mile, highly visible path between Crag Fell and Caw Fell.  Which is better: paths not on the map which you can use, or paths on the map which you cannot use?

I had taken a picture of Sellafield, but I soon deleted it in favour of this one: wind-farms near Workington, on the coast, with Dumfries and Galloway easily visible in the distance.
Coming back down from the col, Sophie poses in front of the way home.

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