Bowscale Fell and Bannerdale Crags

We had intended to do a high walk, but the clouds were low, so we attempted something less ambitious.  Even so, the visibility defeated us, insofar as I chickened out of a 3-mile trek across moorland in misty murk, so that we finished up with only two Wainwrights.  Mungrisdale Common remains a delightful prospect for the future...

Here are the pictures (click on any picture for a larger version):

From our starting point in Mungrisdale, we struck off up the path past The Tongue, on the right of the picture, towards Bannerdale Crags in the distance.
A closer view of the East Ridge of Bannerdale Crags, which was to be our return route.  We took the path up the northern side of Bannerdale, on the right, and it was obvious from the start that the clouds were right down on the ridge along the top of the crags.

Which was a problem, since two of the fell-tops were going to be in the clouds.  This is the first, Bowscale Fell, not far from the ridge.  Having arrived there, with visibility about 50 yards, the prospect of striking out across Mungrisdale Common for 2 - 3 miles towards a  target whis is less than obvious in good weather, with no paths to help us and little navigational ability, suddenly lost its appeal.  So we turned tail, and headed off for Bannerdale Crags
That's Bowscale Fell back up there somewhere...

Actually the fell makes a good afternoon walk, especially when including the Mosedale valley on the other side.  But not today...

Here are some of the Bannerdale crags.  They stretch roughly the same distance beyond the summit up there.
The top, with lots of clouds all round.  But now we were going down...

Looking down on the East Ridge.
We are on the steep, rocky part of the ridge, overlooking the long, grassy prow jutting out into Bannerdale.

Sophie over Bannerdale.
That's the top part of the East Ridge.  The path is on the left side.  As you can see, it is steep and getting quite worn, a contrast with just about everything else on this walk, which is of a gentle gradient and certainly not over-run with people.

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