Above Howtown

Stuart Marshall suggests a walk from above Howtown onto the northern end of High Street, along High Street and around the southern end of Martindale, returning via the valley.  We only had a few hours, so did only the first part, dropping down into Martindale from Wether Hill on High Street.  A pleasant walk, in weather which was not too hot for a change!

Here are the pictures (click on any picture for a larger version):

St Peter's Church, Martindale, where we started the walk.  Much sunnier weather than the last time we were here.
Dropping down slightly towards Howtown, before climbing up the fell behind the village on the right. Ullswater looking very blue in the sun.

You can see the steamer just leaving Howtown on its way down to Glenridding
On our way up the flank of Bonscale Pike, the southern end of Ullswater comes into view for a little while, behind Hallin Fell.  You can see how small Howtown is.

This is little Fusedale, the valley between Steel Knotts on the right and High Street on the left.  Martindale is on the other side of Steel Knotts.
This is the top of Arthur's Pike, the northern-most fell-top on High Street.  We have already passed the top of Bonscale Pike without realising it, hence no picture.

This is the top of Bonscale (see the two stone monuments near the top), as seen from Arthur's Pike.  We approached it from the higher ground on the left.  The two fells are both far more impressive from the lakeside; up here, they just become part of rolling grass meadows, ideal for Roman soldiers to march along. but not too dramatic to look at.
From Arthur's Pike you climb gradually up to Loadpot Hill, of which this is the summit. An impressive stone monument in the midst of acres of grass, so it must have taken some effort to make.

Grass as far as the eye can see...
The ruined building near the top of Loadpot Hill.  And more grass...

Wether Hill is the next target in the distance.

The top of Wether Hill.  I think the far distant fells include Fairfield, on the left, and St Sunday Crag next to it. Nearby are Beda Fell and Place Fell.
Looking down from Wether Hill towards Steel Knotts.  Our path drops over the grass ridge by the stone wall on the left.

Which is where we are now, looking down into Martindale.
The view up Martindale towards The Nab, with High Street on the left and Beda Fell on the right.

St Martin's Church in Martindale, not far from St Peter's Church which replaced it and where we started today.

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