After the exertions of the previous walk, it was quite relaxing to tackle just one Wainwright, albeit a formidable one in Robinson.  We started off early, in order to be finished before the real heat of the afternoon, and had a delightful walk - not too hot and not too cold, as somebody once said.

Here are some pictures
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What an inviting sight!  Hindscarth on the left, and Robinson in the background (but not for long).

This is an unusual view of Hindscarth, which certainly isn't flat, at least not for long.  We are walking up the western side of Little Dale, towards...
the delightfully named Low High Snab, a cottage located just below High Snab Farm.

Sheep don't behave like sheep.  At least, they don't towards our two dogs.  The usual reaction is, of course,  an apprehensive backing off, but quite frequently (as here) they just stand and watch us.  Perhaps there's a smell which aggressive dogs exude, and Samba and Sophie don't have it, 'cos they just ignore sheep.  Click here for a seriously aggressive sheep...

Behind the sheep, by the way, you can see the path up onto High Snab Bank, which we are going to take.
Newlands from the top of High Snab Bank.  Hazy, and hot...

Looking across west to Ard Crags, with Wandope, Eel Crags and Sail in the background.
This is the eastern side of High Snab Bank, the lower part of Little Dale.  We're coming back that way...

And this is where we are going.  Samba leading, as usual...
and Sophie, of course!

Little Dale leading the eye to Newlands, Catbells, Derwentwater, Latrigg and Blencathra.
This is where you indulge in a little light scrambling.

After the scramble, this is your reward!
Near the top of Robinson.

Which allows you to look over the col at the end of Little Dale and see the high central fells behind Fleetwith Pike.
Further on you can also see the top of Honister Pass, with the mine buildings and Youth Hostel.  Dale Head is up on the left.

From the summit cairn, the Buttermere fells: High Crag, High Stile and Red Pike, with Pillar in the distance.
Crummock Water behind Rannerdale Knotts, with Loweswater in the background.

Regulation photo...
This is where we descend into Little Dale, which is on the left.  Like Gaul, it is divided into three parts: the top is green pasture, with no paths and a beck dropping over a little waterfall into the middle part, which also contains a tiny reservoir.  Below the reservoir you have pastures again - and some lovely views. 

The descent off Robinson is delightful, across grass at just the right gradient until you reach the valley, which is flat and a bit marshy.
Here you can see the cleft over which the beck falls.

First, however, Samba need to cool off, in a pool tailor-made for her.
The cleft, and waterfall, are hidden in Hindscarth's shadow on the right; down below is the reservoir.

Here is the waterfall.
Looking up the valley from the reservoir,

down towards Newlands,
and up to Robinson.

From below the reservoir.
And this is where the work started: the path up High Snab Bank, from across the valley.

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