Hartsop above How

This is the fell we should have climbed as part of the previous walk, but it was a fell too far.  Today's walk showed that it makes a good walk all by itself!

Here are some pictures
(click on any picture for a larger version):

A lovely green meadow to start us off!  This was in the hamlet of  Bridgend, between Patterdale village and Brotherswater.  And that is the long - but not high - fell of Hartsop above How in the distance.
As you climb, the valley of Patterdale comes into view, with Place Fell dominating.

Then you can see, to the left, the village of Hartsop, with its main path winding up towards Hayeswater and High Street.  Hartsop Dodd, which we had climbed for starters on the previous walk, is the fell on the right.
And here is the Kirkstone Pass, with Middle Dodd and High Hartsop Dodd on the right.

Now we are on the main ridge, you can see Deepdale, the valley between us and the St Sunday Crag ridge on the left.  Place Fell in the distance.
This is the other side, Dovedale, where it joins up with Patterdale.

Not much of a cairn, but the dogs knew what they had to do...

In the distance is Dove Crag, which we are aiming for next week as part of the Fairfield Round.
We are getting close to Fairfield itself, at the head of Deepdale.  St Sunday Crag is coming along on the right.

Dove Crag - not today, thank you!
The climb up to Hart Crag from Hartsop above How.  We turned off right at this point, which was a mistake - the descent was somewhat steep, but at least it was mostly grass.
As you can see from this picture, which shows you almost all of Deepdale...
Fairfield closer up...

and again...
This is where we came down.  It made me thankful I was wearing boots rather than walking shoes, which have no ankle support and no sole rigidity...

Looking up at Fairfield Greenhow End, from down in the valley.
As a contrast, here is St Sunday Crag from Deepdale.  I love finding fells which show such great changes of character depending on which face you are looking at: from the other side, Grisedale, this fell is massive, dominating and shapely...

Descending through Deepdale you get a good view of the "twin towers" of the Angletarn Pikes.
And this is a reminder of an earlier walk: Arnison Crag, the first fell on the walk round Grisedale.  This little fell looks far more interesting from here...

Green meadows again, and that's where we went!

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