Walking the Wainwrights - the Mell Fells

If you are one of the thousands of people approaching Keswick via the A66 from Penrith, at the turning left to Troutbeck you will have gazed in wonder and awe at the sight of Blencathra rising up before you on the right of the road.  You will, probably for that reason, almost certainly not have glanced across to the left and seen a solitary, lowly fell emerging from the grasslands.  This is Great Mell Fell, "Great" mainly because it is a few feet higher than its brother, Little Mell Fell, which is hidden behind it. 

Here are the pictures (you can click on any picture to get a larger version).

In fact, Great Mell Fell is not that lowly, at 1760', and provides a pleasant walk on grass and through woodlands.  On getting out of the car, I nearly tripped over Fred of the OFC, who had cycled over from Keswick for the same purpose. So up we went together, and here is the summit picture. Blencathra is in the hazy background.
Looking south from Great Mell Fell: Place Fell is in the centre of the picture, behind Gowbarrow Fell, with Helvellyn and St Sunday Crag to the right.  Is that Red Screes behind Place Fell in the far distance?

Full zoom on Birkhouse Moor and Helvellyn.

Buttercups, with Little Mell Fell before us.

More buttercups...
Every time we get to a cairn now, the dogs sit down and wait for the photo...

This is Little Mell Fell, with Great Mell Fell behind.

Little Mell Fell has got some cotton grass as well - and Great Mell Fell has plenty of trees, as you can see, at least on this eastern side.  Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to walk round this side - the path we took was up on the left.
The eastern side of Little Mell Fell overlooks Ullswater, and here you can see a great array of yachts, which surprised me a little, since I hadn't been aware of a marina or yacht harbour in those particular bays.  Perhaps it was a race gathering...

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