Walking the Wainwrights - Glenridding Dodd

On our recent walk up Sheffield Pike I had forgotten about Glenridding Dodd, which was on the way, if a little to one side.  So this was a good excuse to have a short walk with Joanna, and at the same time to see the rhodedendrons at Patterdale just down the road.

Here are the pictures (you can click on any picture to get a larger version).

The quickest way up Glenridding Dodd is from Glenridding, but the path is steep and badly eroded, so we attacked from Glencoyne, to the north.As you climb gradually from Glencoyne Farm, the views of Ullswater...

This is Glencoyne Wood on the right, another way up.

Heron Pike, part of Sheffield Pike.

St Sunday Crag in the distance, beyond Birkhouse Moor.  Glenridding Dodd is on the left, Sheffield Pike on the right.
Looking down onto Glenridding from the col between Glenridding Dodd and Sheffield Pike.

Heron Pike from the same spot.
Sheffield Pike from the col.

Glenridding Dodd, again from the col.  in fact, the highest point of the fell is almost visible, but the felltop stretches about 300 yards east towards the lake - and is well worth the walk, as you will see from the following pictures.
Looking down on Patterdale.

Zooming in on Place Fell and the path up to Boardale Hause on the other side of the valley
A blue Ullswater stretching away into the distance.

Glenridding right below us.

The top end of the lake.

Beyond the village the little hill is Keldas, and beyond Keldas are Arnison Crag, on its left, and Birks on its right.The village of Patterdale is hidden by Keldas.
We descended to Glenridding by the normal path to the Greenside Road, and then it was a matter of returning to the car, about a mile away at Glencoyne, by the main road.  Most of the way you can use a footpath between the road and the lake - and at the end you find this lovely meadow. 

That is Glencoyne Farm, where you find a "Footpath" sign pointing at three gates (take the left-most)...

Just some of the rhodedendrons in the gardens of the Patterdale Hotel, where we finished our walk with a welcome cup of tea.

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