Walking the Wainwrights - Sheffield Pike and Hart Side

This was a pleasant walk with great views over Ullswater and the fells above Glenridding. 

Here are the pictures (you can click on any picture to get a larger version).

Sheffield Pike from down in Glencoyne. We approached via Glencoyne Farm, which has a large and splendid slate sign saying "Footpath".  Unfortunately it points, gleefully, at three separate gates onto the fell - only one of which should be followed (the left-most one, if you are interested).  Naturally I took the right-most one, and wasted half an hour wandering about above the farm before cutting across to the correct path.  All good fun...
As you climb up from Glencoyne Ullswater comes into view (if you turn round, that is).

Looking south from the shoulder of Sheffield Pike, where you turn right in order to climb past...

Heron Pike.  You cut up the left hand side to reach the top plateau of Sheffield Pike.

Looking back from the same point at Ullswater.
The southern end of Ullswater comes into view as you climb.

All shall be revealed to those who climb...
Some climb higher than others...

From the top of Sheffield Pike, Helvellyn behind Catstye Cam.  Joys to come...

This is Ullswater from the top of Sheffield Pike.
From Sheffield Pike you drop down and then climb up on the way to Stybarrow Dodd to a point, un-named, which is quite a lot higher than Sheffield Pike, and then across and down slightly to Hart Side.  This is the summit cairn, or one of them, and that is about all I could find to say about Hart Side.  Those are the two Mell Fells in the middle distance.

To get back to Glencoyne you drop down to the right from the top of Hart Side, and there is Sheffield Pike again.

Dropping down to Glencoyne Farm again.

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