Walking the Wainwrights - Binsey and Bakestall

Binsey is the poor, orphan fell sitting all by itself at the northern extremity of the Lake District, minding its own business and hoping you will mind yours.  Bakestall is different (see below).

Here are the pictures (you can click on any picture to get a larger version).

Binsey may be little and innocuous, but it has some great surprises!  These two ladies were sitting at the top when we arrived, and they volunteered to stand by the cairn for a picture.  You may not believe this, but I was trying to include Skiddaw in the background - and failed miserably, to nobody's detriment.
Binsey has two summit cairns, and this is looking over the smaller one towards the northern fells.  The visibility improved as the afternoon wore on...

I hope these three lambs are not from the same mum, 'cos they could go short of milk.  In fact they all looked fit and sprightly.  I think they are Leicesters, which are becoming quite common, at least in the northern Lake District lowlands.

The wall in the background has an 8 feet high ladder stile of some renown, since it managed to defeat both Samba and Sophie on our way up Binsey!  I had to heave them both up, which was no joke.  Coming back from the top of Binsey, they sailed over...
Bakestall comes into view.  The way up is just visible, to the left of Dead Beck, the fissure on the right of the picture.  The descent is down Birkett Edge, behind Dead Crags on the left of the picture.
Interestingly, the low visibility has hidden the backdrop of Skiddaw which usually envelops Bakestall (see the last picture below)

That's little Binsey in the distance, from the top of Bakestall
The dogs at the cairn near the top of Bakestall, with Skiddaw looming behind.

Looking down Birkett Edge towards the Sca Fells.  Someone will no doubt tell me where the artificial-looking marks in the heather come from.
The back of Blencathra, from Birkett Edge.

On the main path at the bottom of Birkett Edge, looking at Dead Crags.
Looking back at Bakestall, with Skiddaw in the background.

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