Walking the Wainwrights - the Kentmere Horseshoe (plus)

This was a walk arranged by and for the Online Fellwalking Club, with about 11 of us and 7 dogs!  We followed the usual Horseshoe path, but included Thornthwaite Crag, High Street and (for me, 'cos it was almost on the way, Gray Crag).  Here are some pictures (click on any picture for a larger version).

Preparing for the fray.  The weather was shirt-sleeves, but only to start with; as we climbed, the clouds descended to meet us - but then they retreated, to give us a most peasant second half to our walk. The first half wasn't bad, either, come to think of it...
Striding forth past Kentmere Church.  I'm not sure the arms were swinging so purposefully as we returned 13 miles later...

Looking back down the Garburn Road into Kentmere.
On top of Yoke, the sun was disappearing and extra layeers were needed.

The view of Ill Bell from Yoke.  The ridge from Yoke to Thornthwaite is a series of see-saws, as you will see.
The top of Ill Bell, with its three cairns.  They certainly had enough stones left over...

Looking over the north-eastern edge of Ill Bell towards the top of the Kentmere valley, and Mardale Ill Bell and Harter Fell - on our route to come.
This is the immediate route ahead, towards Froswick, Thornthwaite Crag behind Froswick, and High Street in the distance on the right

Bethan (or is it Harry?) on top of Froswick.
Samba getting in on the act...

The cairn on Thornthwaite Crag - visible for miles around.  We had lunch just behind it, by a convenient wall.
The long flat top of Gray Crag, north of Thornthwaite Crag.  Down to the left is Hartsop and Brothers Water.

Looking north from Gray Crag.  The Knott is on the right.
High Street (both peak and Roman Road) from the path between Gray Crag and Thornthwaite Crag.

Sophie and Samba not impressed by the High Street trig point.
This is the way across from High Street to Mardale Ill Bell, the Nan Bield Pass and Harter Fell.

Haweswater from the cairn on top of Mardale Ill Bell
At the top of the Nan Bield Pass, looking north to Haweswater, with Small Water in the foreground.  Is there a Big Water anywhere in the Lakes? Hope not...

The path up to Harter Fell from Nan Bield Pass.
Haweswater from near the top of Harter Fell.

The "crown of thorns" cairn on Harter Fell
The ridge we've just done - Ill Bell and Froswick

Another of those ladder stiles.  This one was like Becher's Brook - it looked OK from the take-off side, and it was only on reaching the top that you saw the large and vertical drop on the other side.  One of the Hiley dogs, a sensible pooch, stopped on the top and Samba, right behind him, was so keen that she actually burrowed under his belly to get across and down!  Talk about showing off...
Looking across Kentmere towards Windermere, from Kentmere Pike.

Longsleddale, the valley to the east of Kentmere, from near the top of Shipman Knotts.
Look, Mum, we did all that!

In fact, it's very satisfying to be able to see just about the whole of a walk from one point, as you can on many occasions on the Kentmere Horseshoe.

To greet us on our return to Kentmere village...

If you would like to sponsor me and the dogs in our quest to walk all the Wainwrights for the Great North Air Ambulance Service, please click here - and thank you for your generosity!