Walking the Wainwrights - Carrock Fell to Great Calva

One tends (or at least I tend) to think that everything behind Skiddaw and Blencathra is rather anaemic: mild, rolling slopes, without much drama.  Well, that might be true of the fells behind Skiddaw, but not these ones.  Here are some pictures (click on any picture for a larger version).

This is one of the many Mosedales, on a lovely day in May.  Carrock Fell awaits, up on the right...
At this point, only some 15 minutes after leaving the car, I had quite easily lost the path, and was struggling up a 1 in 1 slope through a mixture of scree and high heather.  For about half a mile.  Carrock Fell is not my favourite fell...

Looking across at Bowscale Fell, in front of Blencathra, from the top of Carrock Fell.  This was certainly a good place for a shelter - it was difficult to stand upright, in spite of all the blue sky.
Looking up the Caldew valley towards Skiddaw in the distance.  This was our path back from Great Calva, which is out of sight on the right.

Carrock Fell seen from the west, on the way across to High Pike.  You can see that the north and west flanks of Carrock Fell are somewhat different from the side I had climbed...
The top of High Pike is a gentle curve, with this pile of stones, a cairn and a seat erected in memory of a young man, who died at the age of 16 and who "loved all these hills".

This curiosity, unmarked on the OS maps, was a shooting box.  All this area was not a good place to live if you were a grouse.  Now the hut is maintained, less destructively, by the LDNPA as a walker's hut; my inspection revealed two items: a champagne bottle, and a beer bottle, both unsurprisingly empty.
That is Carrock Fell in the distance, High Pike is up to the left, and Knott is up to the right.
From the top of Knott, looking between Lonscale Fell and Blencathra towards Thirlmere in the far distance.  Great Calva, our next objective, is in the foreground.

This is the path to Great Calva which, despite all appearances, is not flat - there is a large depression down to the right.

Skiddaw is in the distance.
Looking west from Knott you can see Bassenthwaite Lake (this picture is at full x5 zoom).  Is this the only place from where you can see both Thirlmere and Bassenthwaite Lake?

Did I say that it was windy...?
The top of Great Calva

Skiddaw from the top of Great Calva
Blencathra looks a bit different from this angle, doesn't it?
Looking north-east from Great Calva: Carrock Fell in the distance.
This is the way down into the Caldew valley from Great Calva

And this would be the way up, if anyone were so foolish.  At least it's not scree and heather...
Down in the valley, Samba and Sophie are not speaking to each other...

A great place to finish a long and tiring walk...

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