Walking the Wainwrights - Whinlatter

Whinlatter Forest was England's first mountain forest, and until recently was a rather depressing blanket of silent evergreens.  However, that is gradually changing with a policy of re-planting with deciduous firs and broadleaf trees, and not always in regimented rows as before.  You can also easily escape the forest out onto the fells, which are not particularly high and therefore are a good bet when the cloud cover is low - as it was this week.  Here are some pictures (click on any picture for a larger version):

See what I mean about the firs?  That is the Newlands Valley and Keswick about 1500 feet below.
Emerging from the forest onto the fells near Lord's Seat, this is the view east towards Barf and, in the distance, Ullock Pike below an invisible Skiddaw.

Looking across at Broom Fell from the top of Lord's Seat.
Looking past Broom Fell's impressive cairn down into the Lorton Valley.

Although the clouds were low, visibility was quite good, both south into the Lorton Valley and north into Scotland
A glimpse of Bassenthwaite Lake from the path between Broom Fell and Lord's Seat.

And down into the Lorton Valley again, between Whinlatter Top on the left and Graystones on the right.
From the top of Barf, which you can see is a steep climb from the shores of Bassenthwaite Lake about 1400 feet below.

This is the straight way up Barf.  The white mark near the bottom is the Bishop's Rock, commemorating the gentleman who bet his mates that he could ride his horse up Barf - this was apparently after a few drinks at the Sun Hotel, Thornthwaite.  The rock marks where the horse tipped him off and rolled on him...
Grisedale Pike (the clouds were lifting a little) from the forest.  You can see that there is now a mixture of evergreen and deciduous trees...

Grisedale from Whinlatter Top.
Grisedale from Brown How.  At least, there were only two bumps around there, which I think must have been Brown How and Whinlatter Top...

More pictures of the fells on this walk are available from here

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