Lake District walks - Watendlath

Watendlath is a tiny hamlet - here you can see almost all of it. It has a farm, a tarn, and lots of visitors, not least because of the refreshments available at the farm.

Hugh Walpole's eponymous heroine Judith Paris lived in this farmhouse in the 19th century with her smuggler husband - until he came to a sticky end.  He was thrown down the stairs to his death, by the father of the man he had murdered for his money!

This is the tarn and hamlet as seen from High Tove, to the east.  Judith Paris' home is the white-faced building.  The path to Rosthwaite is visible on the right of the picture; the path to Dock Tarn cuts across the picture on the other side of the tarn.

Here is the tarn. Lots of trout, and probably more fishermen. The path up to the right leads from the village to Dock Tarn (see medium walk no. 18)

Another view, this time from nearer to the hamlet.

The sun makes the surface glitter...

The little waterfall just below the hamlet.

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