The Plan

The objective was to climb all the Wainwrights by Easter 2007 - but in order to get the money raised to the GNAAS as soon as possible we  planned on finishing by the end of 2006.  In general, we would be using Stuart Marshall's book "Walking the Wainwrights" to navigate around many of the peaks we were not already familiar with, but the detailed routes would depend on lots of variables which would only become clear nearer to the date.  Stuart's book defines some 36 walks to cover the 214 peaks, which meant about one walk a week to meet the deadline of  the end of 2006 - or more than that taking into account trips abroad during that period (we are going to watch a couple of Ashes Test matches in Australia late in the year!).

As things turned out (see the progress links) we managed all 214 fells within 6 months.  I thought that was quite good until I heard about this lady who lives in Borrowdale who has done the Wainwrights SEVEN times in two years! 

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