Lake District walks - Scafell from Eskdale

The walk starts at Wha House Farm, on the road into Eskdale from Langdale, via the Hardknott and Wrynose Passes.  Here you can see the road up to Hardknott Pass in the distance.  We are going around to the left.

After some gentle climbing through lower Eskdale, you turn a corner in the path and see this impressive sight: Scafell on the left, Scafell Pike beyond it, and Ill Crag completing the picture.

On the other side of the valley are the high Langdale pikes: Bowfell towards the left, and Crinkle Crags behind Cold Pike to its right.

The head of the valley: Esk Pike is on the right, dropping down to Esk Hause, then Ill Crag and Scafell Pike.

Here is the impressive waterfall to the side of Cam Spout Crag..  The path is up to the right.

Above the waterfall Scafell, in the form of its Eastern buttress, is revealed.  You can also see Mickledore, the col between Scafell and Scafell Pike, which is on the right.  One of the advantages of coming from Eskdale rather than from Wasdale is that you don't have to negotiate Mickledore, which is notoriously hard work underfoot.  But from Wasdale you get a much closer view of all the crags guarding Scafell.

The path up to Foxes Tarn is just before you reach the Buttress.

Here it is!  And it's steep...

Foxes Tarn itself is more of a puddle than a tarn, but it shows where you turn sharp right up to the summit of Scafell.  There are extensive views in all directions, including this one south-west over Burnmoor Tarn.  The path down to Wha House Farm is a relatively gentle stroll down to the left.

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