Lake District walks - Hindscarth

This series of pictures (many taken in February 2001) assumes you are starting the round by climbing Hindscarth - which is my favourite way, because a) you don't have to climb the eastern side of Dale Head, which is a slog, and b) you get great views of Derwentwater walking north towards it along Maiden Moor.

The first picture is of Hindscarth in summer with Dale Dead behind to the left; the second and third, in winter and summer respectively, are of the knobbles of Hindscarth, with Robinson on the right

Click here for a high resolution version Starting up Hindscarth

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Here is the spoil from the famous Goldscope mine, below Hindscarth.  This was the very first mine in the area, commissioned by Queen Elizabeth I, and worked by imported German miners.  These immigrants started impregnating the local Keswick girls, and were promptly banished to live on Derwent Island in the lake.  Some of them must have escaped, though, since one of their descendants now kindly walks our dogs when we are not around.  The mine produced copper, not gold.

This is looking back into the valley just after starting the climb above Low Snab Farm. The isolated building is Newlands Church. Rowling End on the left, Skiddaw in the distance. The first picture is in January, the second in April,

Newlands Church froom Hindscarth

Approaching the knobbles of Hindscarth, with Robinson behind.

Climbing Hindscarth

Above the knobbles, looking back north-east. Blencathra in the distance, Catbells struggling to be seen behind the crags of Maiden Moor. You can still see the Church in the valley.

North-east from Hindscarth

Almost at the top of Hindscarth. Quite a view!

From the top of Hindscarth

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