Lake District walks - Rosthwaite to Grange

There are two footpaths from Rosthwaite to Grange: the "high road" and the "low road". The low road is at the level of the river Derwent, following it most of the way; the high road follows the Derwent to the first stone bridge where one strikes more or less straight up the fell, to meet the Allerdale Ramble path coming from the left and passing to the left of Castle Crag (see below). Derwentwater and Skiddaw are in the distance.

Here are the stepping stones across the Derwent. The high road is across the stones and up to the right. Or you can pick it up later, after crossing the stone bridge.

Looking upstream from the stepping stones.

High Scawdel seen from the bank of the Derwent.

The river Derwent above Grange, where it widens out for the delectation of dogs, children and other paddlers.

The river was quite low at this time - but, not far downstream, Derwentwater was really very high. Can't explain it...

Taken from almost the same spot, but looking downstream. Very low water again...

Here is the old and famous bridge in Grange. This is where, in the Herries chronicles, the villagers of Grange drowned Mrs Wilson as a witch. Now it is where thousands of tourists stop and paddle...

Grange from up the fell in front of the Borrowdale Gates hotel.

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