Lake District walks - the Corridor Route to Scafell Pike

This is the start of the path, which finishes over on the right, at Lingmell Col. Scafell Pike is in the distance, on the left. You can discern the three ravines which need to be negotiated.

Lingmell, with the great scar of Piers Gill splitting it. Unless you're a mountaineer, don't go down Piers Gill - the Mountain Rescue Team get fed up...

All along the Route you get marvellous views of Great Gable. On the right you can see the main route up from Styhead Tarn. Climbers will traverse from Styhead Tarn to the crags on the southern side, where mountaineering started many years ago in England.

Here we are looking down Greta Gill into Wasdale, with Great Gable on the right and Piers Gill on Lingmell visible on the left

You might think this is Scafell Pike, but it's not. We have taken the branch left after Greta Gill, and this is Dropping Crag, just in front of Scafell. We need to cut round to its left.

Looking back north from roughly the same point, we can see Styhead Tarn and Derwentwater, with Skiddaw in the far distance.

Approaching Dropping Crag.

Here you can see the Corridor Route path approaching Lingmell Col, with Lingmell on the right. This is where you normally turn left for Scafell Pike.

One advantage of going via Lingmell Col is that you avoid this climb up the side of Dropping Crag! It's steeper and longer than it looks, and you can choose between lots of scree, lots of scrambling, or both. But it is quicker than the traditional route.

You made it!

Sometimes, in windy weather, this shelter is the ideal place to celebrate your feat of reaching the highest point in England. But today was shirtsleaves weather...

Now is the time to look around. To the south is England's second highest peak, Scafell. If you think you can knock that one off at the same time, think again! There's a big hole between the two, and lots of scrambling on the other side. Scafell is probably easier from Wasdale, on the right, or from Eskdale, on the further side - but you can approach via the Corridor Route: just carry on instead of turning left at Lingmell Col..

This is the view south-east, with the sea in the distance.

Further round to the east: Bowfell and Crinkle Crags.

The southern crags of Great Gable.

and again. You can just see a tiny piece of Ennerdale Water between Great Gable and Kirk Fell.

Looking down on Esk Hause, just beyond the two walkers, and across to the Langdale Pikes. The path up to Esk Pike and Bowfell is on the right.

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